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About Beacon

Beacon Biomedical Inc. is a medical diagnostic development and a Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) CLIA accredited laboratory services company. We are on a mission to save as many lives as possible by providing easy, accurate and affordable blood tests for earlier cancer detection.

Our laboratory developed test (LDT) solutions are developed for healthcare practitioners and individuals alike and are intended to be used as screening tests for the presence of undiagnosed cancer. They are specifically designed for those who are unwilling or unable to participate in cancer screening using current procedures and tests. Our focus is on providing blood-based cancer screening alternatives in order to improve screening participation and earlier detection of these devastating diseases.

"Our mission is to save as many lives as possible by providing easy, accurate, and affordable blood tests for early colon cancer detection."

How BeScreened™-CRC Works

BeScreened™-CRC tests for three blood-based proteins that are involved with colorectal cancer’s immunological activities involving the formation of tumors, tumor generation,  tumor invasion, progression and migration. Once the test is complete, results are reported as either Negative or Positive for the likely presence of CRC. Patients who receive negative results are recommended to stay compliant with existing, patient specific screening guidance. Patients who receive positive results are recommended to follow-up with their physician for consult and to schedule a screening colonoscopy. BeScreened™-CRC is not a test for colorectal cancer diagnosis; it is a screening test that aides in the detection of colorectal cancer and is not intended to replace a colonoscopy.

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