Colon Cancer Screening (CRC)

Easy, Accurate, & Affordable

Blood Test


is a highly accurate blood test that helps detect colorectal cancer.

CRC Screening Made Easy.

No need for stool samples, messy preparation, dietary restrictions, or fasting. It’s specifically designed for people who are unwilling to participate in existing fecal-based tests or imaging procedures.

BeScreened™-CRC doesn’t replace a colonoscopy if one is needed. But this simple blood test will help you understand your risk of having colorectal cancer or precancerous polyps. From there, you and your doctor can determine what follow-up is best for you.


Determine if you're eligible

Double check eligibility questions below before purchasing.

Pay for the BeScreened™-CRC blood test

This test is only $190. We accept all major credit cards.

Download, print, and fill out the requisition form

We will provide a download link to the form. Please fill out.

Set appointment to have to your blood drawn

Use the link provided to find the nearest Sonora Quest patient service center nearest you.

Wait two weeks for results

Test results will be ready two weeks after we receive the sample at our lab from Sonora Quest.

Are You Eligible?

Customers must be between 45-75 years of age.
This test is not intended for high risk patients with a personal history of cancer, patients who are pregnant or nursing, that are receiving chemotherapy or radiation, have inflammatory bowel disease, or who are less than 60-days post a surgical procedure or a heart attack.


You will have your blood drawn at the closest Sonora Quest to you and we will run the test at our lab.

$ 190.00 USD
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